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The Fascinating King

The Fascinating King

The Fascinating King's Gambit by Thomas Johansson

The Fascinating King's Gambit

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The Fascinating King's Gambit Thomas Johansson ebook
Format: pdf
ISBN: 9781412046473
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Page: 216

This is his second book on this ancient but forever young free Download not from rapidshare or mangaupload. Because of the South Australian city where they did their work, Miles suggested it be called "the Adelaide Counter Gambit," a name that King's Gambit enthusiast Thomas Johansson adopts as well. I just found out that The Fascinating King's Gambit is available as Kindle Edition, will the Fascinating Reti Gambit feature a Kindle Edition, too? January 7, 2013 at 12:26 PM · Thomas Johansson said. Thomas Johansson is a 34-year-old Swedish chess player and a devoted fan of the King's Gambit. This is very helpful for beginners and more advanced players who want to start studying this opening. I like the way you generalise the ideas for both sides without going into details. It could be Bc4 d6, Thomas Johansson in his highly inspiring "The Fascinating King's Gambit" gives (A) 4. Nc3, which is the move recommended by Thomas Johansson in The Fascinating King's Gambit. I should add a few things to this list -- most prominently Thomas Johansson's excellent The Fascinating King's Gambit: A Repertoire for the 21st Century (Trafford 2004) which has an excellent discussion on pp.162-168. In his article "King's Gambit .

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